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NASA Comedy Central

If you caught the radio clip from the latest re-entry crew at NASA and heard the latest shuttle toilet hilarity, that was Dean's voice delivering the one liner.
In case you missed it, it went something like this:

The EECOM called with a couple of O2 messages saying that
they figured out that a valve in the WCS hadn't seated fully and that they
wanted the crew to toggle the switch on the WCS. Over the airwaves is heard
"Are you saying they need to jiggle the handle on the toilet" and
everyone was laughing in the control room.
(That was Dean delivering the line.)

CAPCOM worked on it for a while and called up "In regards to your Spec 66 O2 messages, we'd like you to toggle the switch on the WCS to see if we can get a minor leak to stop"
and then the crew came right back with what CAPCOM had worked so hard to
avoid saying.
That really broke things up.

Two missions ago one of the crew members said, while preparing for de-orbit burn,
" I ain't falling for no banana in the tail pipe trick".
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